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Personal Training

With us, Personal Training is just that: personal. 

We believe you are more than just an assembly of muscles, bones and connective tissue and that for any fitness programme to bring about lasting changes, the whole of you needs to be taken into consideration. 

It is our aim to instill in you a positive relationship to your body and to exercise. To help you find joy in movement rather than seeing it as an other chore.

We work with you to help you figure out what will be the best option for you, your budget, goals and time availability. 

Please contact us to set up a consultation!

Boot Camps

High quality, research based Boot Camps based on HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes in Highbury Fields.

We run daily boot camps in Highbury Fields with morning and evening classes available (only boot camp free day is Sunday) Check our current class schedule here:

Not been to our boot camp yet? You can try us out for just 5 pounds!


If you ever thought yoga was just a bit of stretching, you've clearly never been to a Vinyassa yoga class!

So why not join us for a class in Highbury Fields and see for yourself the fantastic health and fitness benefits yoga can have on your mind and body?

Our classes follow a very dynamic New York Vinyassa style focusing strongly on proper alignment and strength. 

Our yoga classes work in synergy with our boot camps, offer a great complimentary workout for keen runners or anyone who spends too much time behind a desk.

Great for the yoga novice as well as more experienced yogis.