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 Personal Training: Fitness For The Real World

At Freeform, we believe fitness is much more than just a "beach body".

We are a bit tired of those countless ads, articles and posters featuring fitness models and celebrities trying to tell us how to get a body like them. We wanna help you achieve the best possible you with what is available to you.

 We have jobs, real jobs not working out and looking good for a living. We have kids, family and friends and the social obligations that come with it. We have interests and things we wanna do besides the latest fitness craze. In short, we have a life.  And we want to provide you with a realistic fitness programme that will work with your life. 

After all, it is not just about attaining that six pack and eleven percent body fat. We want to be happy, full of energy and healthy. 

We offer programmes that are tailored around your circumstances and that are long term sustainable, flexible and effective. 


Freeform Fitness is a Health,  Fitness and Wellness Consultancy  that specializes in putting together combination packages consisting of one-on-one sessions, group sessions and online support to help you create exactly the right programme for you. 

Our coaches come to you, they work with you to figure out the best way to increase your level of activity in a way that allows for consistent progress. 

We work with you to set realistic goals and make sure you achieve them. 

Whether we just help put a programme together for you to do on your own or whether you would like more on-going help, we will create customized packages for each client. 

If you would like to work one-on-one with one of our Coaches, we offer a range of Personal Training packages for either 30 minute or 60 minute sessions. 

Single 60 minute session £70

Single 30 minute session £35

We do offer discounts on packages

To get one of our Consultants to come and put together a programme for you to do on your own is £90 for the first time and £75 for any follow up sessions as long as no longer than 12 months have past since the last session. 

Please get in touch for combination packages as prices will vary completely depending on what will go into your package. Simply drop us an e-mail and one of our consultants will call you to discuss how we can best help you.